Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So Busy!

Sorry For the bad blogging. This is the time of year where everyone is either sick or recovering.
We'll see you in the Spring when flu season and allergy season calms down.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally Getting Caught Up!

Wow, what a great season Melissa Hays Photography had! I had NO idea what I was in for when I ran that special in October! My thanks to my family for putting up with the messy house and the "quick and easy" meals!'
I cut pictures off early this year so that I could make sure that I was able to do all I wanted with my little ones and not so little one. That 2 weeks was not enough time. Christmas came WAY to fast this year. Note to self for next year... get my own Christmas shopping done before I run my holiday special!
We really missed family this year. We always do, but this year was particularly hard. The kids are growing up already. Ashlyn is looking more like a little girl, Brock like a little young man, and Cody a man.
Family pictures didn't happen. I'm so upset about this! Something always came up, or the weather didn't cooperate when the time was available. It has been a real eye opener to me what my clients go through that have more than one child. Getting outfits together is rediculous!
Playing the whole store hopping and size searching about put me in the baw humbug spirit.
We still have our outfits, now our schedules are crazy again because everyone is back in school and business. We are hoping for a spring family photo for everyone. We've been hit SO hard with the deep freezes, what I normally like to shoot in, is looking crackly dead (not so pretty).
We'll see though.
Here's a bunch of photos of the fun we've had this holiday season. I am sorry for not having more to share, but quite frankly this is the first time in my entire career, where I just didn't want to pick up my camera! I wanted to live the experience and soak it up in my heart instead of worry about getting the perfect exposure to remember it later.
Love and miss everyone of you!
We LOVED the christmas card pictures! Getting them was hard, because everyone is growing up!!!
We hope all of you have a spectacular 2010! We are looking at some changes for our family this upcoming year and hope that this brings us peace.
We pray that Heavenly Father will bless everyone with health and happiness as we launch this new year!
Love The Hays Family

The Tampa ZOO
(nothing compared to Disney Animal Kingdom)

"Awwww" says Ashlyn as she pets the goat

Always wanting "Dadeee"

Christmas morning

Ornament Decorating
Ashlyn had more fun decorating herself and the table in front of her

Making a new ornament for the tree is a tradition we love to do.

The final result

The Ward Christmas party
A friend from the North Pole visited our ward Christmas party but Ashlyn wanted NOTHING to do with him, sorry Santa. Brock looks a little stunned doesn't he. He studied him like never before this year. It was making me nervous because of how smart he is. I was afraid he was going to see something that I'd have to come up with a logical explaination for later. Even Daddy going with her didn't seem to work.

St Pauls Annual Christmas Program
Brocks Preschool did the most awesome Christmas program. The kids did so well.

Yikes... starting a little early aren't we? Upon Brocks request, I took a picture of "his Kendall"

Brock was the loudest singer and jumping up and down to the music the whole program. SOOOO cute!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Keeping a shirt on this little girl is sometimes impossible!

LOOOVE the tantrums!!!

Ashlyn rock-a-byeing the nutcracker

I'm constantly double taking at how huge he is! He'll be 16 at the end of June.

Our traditional decorating the tree grub. The veggie plate was for me.